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Year 3 research facts about Greek Gods and Goddesses

As part of our Ancient Greece topic, the children have been researching facts about Greek Gods and Goddesses. Using chromebooks, Year 3 gathered information to create fact files about their chosen God or Goddess. This allowed the children to develop their computing skills, by creating a google document with specific font, images and layout.

Many children have their own favourite God/Goddess and have enjoyed seeking them out in various myths during guided reading sessions or writing about them in English lessons. By immersing themselves in the world of Greek Myths, the children have become more confident with plotting and creating well structured stories that flow for the reader.

“My favourite God is Poseidon because he is so powerful. In one of my favourite myths he punishes the characters who have angered him. He also helps people on sea journeys if he is fond of them. I also love the way that he looks in illustratrations. He usually has a thick beard and blue hair!” (Arlo)

Further to this, the children also compared the belief system in Ancient Greece to that of Christianity, drawing contrasts and similarities, starting with the creation stories.

“A similarity between the stories is human beings were not made at the very beginning of time. Other parts of the universe were made first.” (Max)

“The two stories are quite different overall. In the bible, there is one God and in The Greek Myth, there are two Gods that create the universe.” (Iola)

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