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Year 3 - A Medieval Farm Experience

Year 3 have absolutely loved continuing to learn about castles at the farm this half term. Giving children new experiences

Studying the positioning of castles in the UK and your natural environment, might not be something you would think we would study in Year 3, but we have seen the children create formidable forts in precarious positions. Teamwork, collaboration and strategy were all exercised before Miss Gallop attacked each castle, looking for the King and Queen within! Back in the classroom, we studied and replicated different maps, after studying the positions of different castles around the UK.

We also replicated the Battle of Hastings (with fewer arrows) using authentic Norman and Anglo-Saxon calls. ‘Ut! Ut! Ut!’ and ‘I will poison your custard!’ rang around the farm as children invaded or defended the new-found England from invasion.

It was also a true joy to take a trip to Coombe Hill to study our surrounding landscape. Each child created a charcoal drawing through observing closely the lay of the land. Ancient churches, fields and horizons were carefully marked. We even discussed Cymbeline mound, our closest Motte and Bailey, with a mysterious history. If anyone knows anything further about it, please let us know!

Furthermore, many of us had our fingers munched by the newly born calves. There were plenty of questions about life and babies that Mr Dyson expertly answers as the clear authority on how life is cared for in its early stages.

Our final farm trip will be our final end-of-year mediaeval-themed party. Expect barn decorations, ancient games and authentic historical treats to be consumed in our final week in year 3!

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