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Year 3 - Ahoy there me ‘earties!

This week, Year 3 have finished off our St Lucia topic all about pirates. We researched and made notes to create information texts about pirates.

Rather than being led down the plank, they were supported in their independent investigations, looking at key facts and pondering how to display it in an easy-to-read format.

First we looked at information texts to identify what features they had so we could incorporate. We discovered they included labelled diagrams, fact boxes, headings, subheadings and bold text.

Their keen inquisitive minds, posed many devilish questions concerning the nature of pirates such as:

What are the largest pirate battles?

Who is the most dangerous pirate?

Which weapons do pirates have?

How many weapons do they have?

What are they made from?

Also a huge well done to all of our performers. They danced, sang and acted their beautiful hearts out to make all of us so proud.

Have a very merry Christmas from the Year 3 Team.

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