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Year 3 - Architects in the making!

Following on from last week’s Topic lesson , where the children explored the three main types of columns used by the Ancient Greeks, this week Year 3 were given the opportunity to design and create their own Greek temples with some truly outstanding results!

They first had to decide which God they wished to dedicate their temple to as Greek temples were made in honour of a God. They could choose an established God or create a new God. When designing their temple they used a variety of column types, the Ionic, the Doric or the Corinthian, with the ornate Corinthian being the most popular. The more adventurous amongst them designed their own columns.

A highlight of the week was a visit from new head teacher Mrs Bufton-Green who read one of her favourite children's books which had the children enthralled.

In English the children wrote their very own Greek myths including all they have learnt over the previous few weeks - features of a myth, expanded noun phrases, prepositions and direct speech. After listening to a wealth of Greek myths since the start of term the children relished the opportunity to make their own mark in Greek mythology, with some very gruesome tales!

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