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Year 3 - Bringing myths to life

The children are excited each week, in English, to find out which myths we will be studying. They love the fearsome beasts, the powerful gods and the triumph of good over evil.

We have been using our drama lessons to act out scenes from some of them. They enjoyed being the stinging, slimy, biting insects from the Pandora story and the characters from Theseus and the Minotaur. We have seen some amazing facial expressions in the freeze frames the children created!

Here are some photos below of their freeze frames:

Photo 1

“It’s very tempting. I wish I could open it.”

Photo 2

“I can’t resist any longer. Here goes!”

Photo 3

“Oh my goodness. What are all those ugly things?”

Photo 4

“What have you done Pandora?” yelled Epimetheus

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