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Year 3 - carnivore, herbivore or omnivore?

This week’s challenge in Science was to identify skulls of mammals by their teeth.

We first refreshed our memory of the different types of teeth - incisors, canines

and molars before looking at their different uses - biting, ripping and chewing. Next we thought about which types of teeth each classification of animal need, depending on their diet. We discovered that humans are omnivores as well as squirrels and hedgehogs! The children also discovered that herbivores can only move their jaws from side to side, carnivores up and down, whilst omnivores can do both! There were some funny faces in the classroom to prove this theory!!

Did you know that rat’s and horse’s teeth never stop growing?

We have also been working hard this week practising our poem “ The Magic Box” in readiness for the House Poetry competition the week after next. Most of the children have learnt it off by heart so next week we will concentrate on using expression in our recitals.

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