Year 3 - Castles Day | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 3 - Castles Day


General merriment and joy are hitherto decreed on Year 3 Castles Day.

To enrich Year 3’s experience, we designed our own Coat-of-Arms representing many emblems and pictures that represented our passions and own history.

Utilising all the cardboard in the world, we set outside, with plans in hand, to recreate specific features of an ancient Castle. There were drawbridges, portcullises and turrets twice as tall as any Year 3! ‘Ooo’s and ‘Ahhh’s could be heard as banners were raised high and battle poses were struck to wade off imaginary attackers of the cardboard realm.

We also had a demonstration of a Sussex Pond Pudding by Kitchen Cliff, deep in the heart of Gateway’s working kitchen. What a treat!

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