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Year 3 - Code of chivalry

After our recent visit to Windsor Castle where we had a ‘Knights Wanted’ session, the children in Year 3 decided to create their own Code of Chivalry. These were based on behaviour befitting of life at school with some of the children deciding to write their codes in Olde English. Here are some of their codes.

Thou shalt always share. Elsa

To be kind to your friends. Clara

To guard your Pokemon. Toby

I shall never rock on my chair. Elsie

To always be happy. Rufus

To never fight. Elizabeth

I shall treat school belongings well. Megan

To never give up. George

Always respect teachers. Nate

Thou shalt hold doors open for people. Charlie

Thou shalt show respect. Seb

To have fun. Eliza

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