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Year 3 - Commanding Crusaders

Inspired by our current book ‘The Stained Glass Window’, this week the children became Kings and Barons who had to build an army to travel to the Holy land to regain control of Jerusalem.

They were ordered to create a summons to knights in their command demanding that they joined them on this great Crusade.This involved using imperative verbs ‘command, summon, seize’ as well as using comparative and superlative adjectives ‘younger brother,sharpest sword, toughest chainmail, fastest horse’

To make the letters look authentic the children had great fun staining them with diluted coffee.

‘ You must join a crusade to the Holy land, it will be longer than the longest journey you have ever had ‘ .


‘ I Baron Clad, demand you join my crusade to the Holy land to fight the Saracens’’. George

‘ Seize your sharpest, longest sword and wear your thickest armour‘.


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