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Year 3 consider which material has the biggest impact on sound

Which material has the biggest impact on sound? This is the question that Year 3 have been investigating this week, during their science lessons.

The children were given a number of different materials to explore. They then had to put them in order, starting with the material that they thought would muffle sound the most to the one that they thought would have the least impact. As always, the children were asked to use the ‘magic word’ - because - to give reasons for their prediction. The children’s reasoning was very interesting and showed that they are using prior knowledge to help back up their thoughts. For example, that the tin foil would muffle sound the most because it makes the most noise; therefore blocking out all other sounds.

The children used headbands to attach the materials to their heads to see which material did actually muffle sound the most. Why don’t you ask them what they found out?

During the next few weeks, the children will be investigating pitch and volume. Combining maths and science skills to make their own musical instruments. Something to look forward to!

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