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Year 3 embark on first school trip of the year

There was much excitement in the air as Year 3 embarked on their first school trip of the year, to Mop End Field Study Centre near Amersham . Upon arrival the children were split into two groups and went off with their group leaders. Each group spent some time learning about the points on a compass and how to orientate themselves when using a compass. With a map and a compass in hand, the children then made their way to various areas on the map which were situated around the Centre. Working collaboratively in groups was a big focus of the trip and the children definitely enjoyed sharing their ideas as well as challenging each other's opinions. Along with map reading the children learned about what type of things you might eat if you were stuck in a forest. They also learned about the importance of camouflage when protecting oneself from enemies and alternatively if you were trying to creep up on someone to attack them.

After a well deserved lunch break and a run around it was time for some den building. The children were split into groups of five and told that they were to use the sticks and branches lying on the forest floor to build a shelter that could house all of their group members. They were shown how to use bracken to cover the sticks to keep out the water and keep in the warmth. Once the allotted time was over the real fun started. The Mop End team leaders then proceeded to test each shelter by pouring water over the shelters (with all group members inside!). There was much laughing and screaming as some children got more soaked than others.

All in all it was a fantastic trip, with great weather and a brilliant opportunity for the children to spend some much needed time learning outside of the classroom.

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