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Year 3 - Every day is a school day!

Go into teaching, they said. It’ll be fun, they said.. And it certainly is!

Every day is a school day at Gateway, for staff and children. History Day has been a fantastic, hands on learning experience for everyone which we thoroughly enjoyed. Our Science focus this term is learning how to make healthy choices when choosing food, discovering the different food groups and how to look after our teeth. Back in the 1960’s the children realised that their food choices would have been different and some of them were very alarmed at the absence of McDonald’s, KFC and chicken nuggets! We visited our own corner shop to buy the food available and learn about the adverts for the nation's favourite foods such as Cadbury's chocolate, Spam, condensed milk, corned beef and Fry’s Turkish delight. The children were tasked with writing their own shopping list for their favourite meal and were aghast that only one kind of pasta, only white bread and powdered custard were available, when they had hoped to have fusilli pasta, granary bread and ice cream! We learnt that hummus, dried fruit and takeaways weren’t readily available until later as the population could afford to travel further distances and try the delights of new foods on holidays. The children studied 1960’s adverts which inspired them to design their own and reflect on how many delicious and varied foods they have the opportunity to try at school and home. Next week, we are celebrating Harvest which has prompted a discussion on why they donate food, where it is distributed to and why. We are delighted the children are enthusiastic to discuss this and develop their understanding of the wider community.

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