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Year 3 - Farm School bringing learning to life

Curiosity and discovery has been sky high in Year 3 this half term! We have had the incredible opportunity to learn, explore and be inspired at Farm School. Mr Dyson and the Year 3 team have managed to incorporate Maths, Science, Learning for Life and our topic on castles into the afternoons on the farm. The children had the opportunity to start their new Maths unit, ‘weight and measure’, estimating and accurately measuring amounts of water to compare to the milk that Mr Dyson produces on the farm. It was lucky we had our wellies and raincoats, as it turned into a rather soggy measuring lesson! Year 3 are also exploring the changes that happen as people and animals grow from a baby, through childhood to adulthood in our Learning For Life lessons and the farm, with its newly hatched chicks, incubating eggs and its heavily pregnant cows, provided an amazing, real life classroom to observe, question and see what we have been learning about, happening before our eyes. As if that wasn’t enough, the farm will also provide a Science classroom for our unit on plants. The children will be exploring plant parts and pollination down on the farm alongside our classroom based experiments.

Don’t think it’s just about the farm though, the children who have been at school on farm days, have been busy planning and making decorations and menus to transform the barn on the farm into a mediaeval banquet for our last farm day visit at the end of term! They have been studying what mediaeval banquets were like in the time of Richard III and comparing them to those of Elizabeth II on her Coronation day, before designing their own banquet.

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