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Year 3 have a visit from Mrs Bradley

Year 3 were delighted to have Mrs Bradley (Evan’s mum) come and speak to them about guarding Windsor Castle. Having learnt a great deal about castles in medieval times it was great to hear what is involved in modern times. Mrs Bradley explained that her team learnt the routine for changing the guard like you would learn a dance, learning all the different moves and then putting them all together. The children were also intrigued to hear that one of the big round turrets at Windsor castle is the dining room for the soldiers, offering them a cooked breakfast every morning and that dining at St. James Palace whilst guarding Buckingham Palace was more formal. Mrs Bradley also explained that at St. James Palace, the chair at the head of the table is where the Queen or the captain of the guard sit, no one else, not even any of the Princes or Princesses! It was also fascinating to hear that although women have been able to join the armed forces for many years now, only 10 percent of the people in the navy are female. Food for thought for both the girls and the boys! We all learnt many interesting things from Mrs Bradley, it was a real insight into life in a modern castle.

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