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Year 3 imagine life in a Castle

This week, Year 3 have been continuing to read Penelope Lively’s The Stained Glass Window in English lessons. The challenging text is linked to our ‘Castles’ topic and has been a thoroughly enjoyable read so far! Initially, the children imagined that they were one of the modern characters and got to task, writing diary entries in the first person.

As the story shifted back in time to the Medieval period, each child next imagined that they were a Baron, writing to summon the knight from the story to fight in the Crusades. The children were very touched when they discovered that the knight was to be separated from his beloved Lady for many years, to fight in a terrifying war, so far away.

The children focused on including precise adjectives and noun phrases such as ‘fine, silver armour’ (Amelie). In addition to using comparatives and superlatives; ‘larger’, ‘sturdiest’, ‘most robust’ (Sulaiman). To add detail, many of the children also included prepositional phrases to direct the knight in his mission; ‘Ride South until you reach the edge of a fast, flowing river’ (Luca).

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