Year 3 investigate light | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 3 investigate light

In Year 3 science this term, we have been investigating light. First off we made a mindmap and tried to think of all the light sources we could think of. We all agreed that the sun is the most important one, and then we shared our ideas and also discovered that even though the moon shines at night it is not a source of light. Each of us then had to come up with a question that we would like to find the answer to by the end of our topic. Why is light important?, How is light made?, How far away is the sun from Earth? And How far can light travel? Are some of the questions we came up with.

Next, we used mirrors and torches to investigate how light travels. By shining a torch at a mirror we discovered that light travels in a straight line and if the surface is smooth the light will be reflected. Some us even used 2 mirrors to reflect the light in multiple directions. We had lots of fun and in the end we came to the conclusion that light is a very important part of our lives and that without it life would be very challenging.

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