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Year 3 look splendid in their medieval costumes

Last Thursday, Year 3 enjoyed spending an entire day participating in activities related to their Castles topic. The morning got off to an exciting start as smiling knights, medieval princesses, kings, jesters and serfs entered the classroom, eager to find out about the activities which lay in store for them.

The children started the day making mini trebuchets from nothing but lollipop sticks, a wooden spoon and elastic bands. This linked with their forces topic in science. They then had great fun firing their trebuchets to see which one would project the furthest.

After studying some medieval coats of arms, and discussing the symbolism contained within them, the children then designed and painted their own coat of arms, carefully selecting symbols and colours that they felt represented their families. You may wish to ask your child to explain their own personal design.

After lunch, the children continued to put their artistic skills to good use by creating medieval letters. This was followed by a very exciting group task. To design and make a castle with superior defence features, in order to protect an egg! Needless to say, Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed attacking ‘enemy’ castles, to test how rigorous their defences were.

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