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Year 3 - Marvellous medieval banquet

This week the King, Queen, Knights, Barons and noble people of Year 3 sat down for a Medieval Banquet .They were waited on by pages and threw their unwanted food to the serfs who were hovering around expectantly. Jugglers and musicians were on hand to entertain.

Before the festivities began, the Great Hall had to be prepared. In keeping with Medieval times, the walls were decorated with richly woven tapestries to keep out the cold from the stone Castle walls. The children also designed shields, swords and flags for further authenticity.

After comparing the similarities and differences between the food eaten then and now, the children followed a recipe to make Medieval gingerbread with bread, honeyed water, ginger and cinnamon. It tasted surprisingly better than it looked!

Year 3 are now all looking forward to more Medieval merriment on our Castles day next week!

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