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Year 3 measuring mass

In Maths, this week, we have been estimating and then weighing to find the mass of  different objects.

The children were given a variety of parcels to hold and compare before estimating how much they weighed. They soon discovered that larger objects  are not necessarily heavier than smaller ones.

After unwrapping the parcels to discover how much they weighed, they then had  to work out the difference between this and their estimate to see how accurate  they were.

Next, they  chose objects in the classroom to  estimate the mass of before weighing on a variety of scales. There were some very good estimates !

The objects used included whiteboards, water bottles, kit bags, shoes and even 11 Comic Relief red noses !!

If you do any baking over the Easter holidays with your children, use the opportunity to practise reading scales to reinforce this new knowledge. You could try converting grams into kilograms and vice versa.

Happy Baking !!

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