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Year 3 - Myths, legends and artefacts

Should they stay or should they go? This sparked debate for Year 3. 3TM took the motion, the Elgin Marbles should stay in the British Museum and 3RG that they should be returned to Greece. The children looked at factual information about the marbles and came up with some of their very own reasons to put together compelling arguments. In the end, Mrs Folker (the official adjudicator) declared that 3RG had been marginally more convincing.

Luckily for Year 3 the Elgin Marbles are very much still in situ at the British Museum and the children were eager to visit them. We left school with a very excited bunch of Greek experts and their enthusiasm continued throughout the day. As we drove along Marylebone High Street it was great to hear the discussion amongst the children about whether columns on the surrounding buildings were Ionic, Doric or Corithian. Using the knowledge they had gained to justify why they knew which column was which.

The children were wowed by the museum and it was a struggle to get them through the amazing displays but once at room 18 - The Parthenon Room - the children were truly in their element. Whilst exploring the artefacts it was a pleasure to hear comments like ‘I can’t believe we are actually seeing the marbles’ and ‘there is so much to take in’.

Additionally, we attended a Myths and Legends workshop to learn all about the visual clues we should be aware of when studying ancient Greek artefacts. We are pretty sure that the snakeskin robes of Athena won’t be making it onto the uniform policy.

The day was full of awe and wonder and for the adults was topped off by a member of staff from another school complimenting the wonderful Year 3 on their fantastic behaviour! A truly marvellous day for one and all.

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