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Year 3 - poetry that uses the senses

We have really enjoyed using our senses to develop our descriptive writing for poetry. We began with a poem that focused on our hearing, called ‘Listen’. We thought about all the different adjectives we could use for quiet: hushed, calm, peaceful, soundless, tranquil, silent and still.

We read the poem Pineapple by Vyanne Samuels and tried to include at least three senses as well as alliteration and metaphors in our own poems about pineapples. We loved touching, smelling and tasting to help us develop our vocabulary. We created some fantastic images.

‘A slice of sun.’ -Lewis

‘A chunk of sugary sweetness’ - Nola

‘Chunks of Joy and delight ’ -Oscar

‘Drips of joy’. -Harry

‘Prickly sharpness on my tongue’. -Lennon

‘Lakes of ripeness,circles of delight.- Noah

‘Puddles of juiciness’. -Tushaan

‘A waterfall of yums!’. -Lillian

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