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Year 3 reflect on their best work

As the year is coming to an end Year 3 have taken some time to reflect on their learning. The children have looked through their topic books and chosen a piece of work that they feel is their best, to go in their My Best folder. The children really enjoyed the experience and many of them were amazed at how much progress they have made, many making comments on how much their handwriting has improved. Being able to reflect on their work is a very important skill and it is also vital for the children to see how far they come and experience success. Here are some of their comments:

Zalie: I chose this piece because I had never managed to write three pages before and I had put lots of punctuation in it.

Joe: I chose my St. George and the Dragon poem because it rhymed well.

Annie: I chose my poem because I worked really hard on it and I like writing poems!

Harry: I chose my castle book because I got a My Best for it and it was fun making it.

Zac: I feel that the best song I have sung is ‘How far I’ll’ go because I could go really high and really low.

Francesca: I chose my St. George poem because it was quite hard to do but I managed it.

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