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Year 3 shout ' Ships Ahoy!'

This week Year 3 have been researching and making effective notes from secondary sources in order to create Information texts about Pirates .

First, we looked at information texts to identify what features they had so we could incorporate them in our Information Posters. We discovered they included labelled diagrams, Fact boxes which contained fascinating,interesting or fun information, headings, subheadings, bold text and they often posed a question.

We devised our own questions to answer:

‘What were the top five most dangerous weapons ?’ Oliver S

‘What were the most important jobs on board ?‘ Jessica

‘Who were the most famous female pirates ?’ Tess

Fascinating Pirate Fact we discovered when carrying out our research

Emily,Tess, Imogen and Elodie discovered that -

‘Females were prohibited from being pirates, so they often disguised themselves as men by cutting their hair short and wearing men's clothes.’

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