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Year 3 tackle a few scientific experiments relating to teeth

This week, Year 3 were particularly excited for their Science lessons! They were eager to assess their results and draw conclusions about a tooth experiment that they had planned and carried out before the half term break. The children wanted to discover which drinks caused the most damage to teeth. The children substituted teeth for eggs after learning that the enamel on our teeth is quite similar to the shell of an egg. They then planned a fair test, changing only one thing; the liquid in each container.

After weeks of careful observation, each class finally opened their containers. After recoiling at the contents of each container, the children had lengthy discussions to work out; why each liquid had the effect that it did, and what the investigation had taught them overall.

“I was most surprised by the egg in the sugar free lemonade. It has started to dissolve layers of the shell. It looks spotty. I thought that the lemonade wouldn’t do much damage because we chose a sugar free drink”. - Arlo

“I will not have too much coke in the future because the sugar and colouring in it has turned the shell blackish brown. I wouldn’t want that to happen to my teeth!” - Max

“The apple juice was interesting because people think it is healthy but it had the most sugar in it. It turned the shell quite slimy and the yolk inside was more like jelly. The shell was the most fragile and broke the easiest.” - Ella

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