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Year 3 take a trip to Woodrow

What a start to the week Year 3 had! Our visit to Woodrow High House was a great way to kick the week off. The children had an amazing day, helped by the glorious weather. The year group was divided into four mixed groups, so the children had the chance to work with children that they don't usually work with. The idea behind this was to help the children form wider friendships.

Over the day, each of the groups were able to take part in 3 out of 4 activities, including low ropes, nightline, orienteering and team x! All the activities had been chosen to get the children working together and supporting each other, which certainly happened. On the low ropes the children had to act as spotters, ready to support their peers if they wobbled on the ropes. During orienteering, they had to work as a team to find as many of the clues as possible. Nightline tested their trust and communication skills; it is really important to give people clear instructions and advice when they can’t see, whilst team x saw the children working as a group to solve problems.

It was lovely to see and hear the children encouraging and supporting each other - skills that we will continue to refer back to and build upon throughout the year.

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