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Year 3 - Introducing the Barons of Year 3

“I summon you to come on a dangerous crusade or we will drown you in freezing cold water.” Nate.

“I command you to come on a crusade with me to fight the mighty Saracens.” Elizabeth.

“I order you to go to the Holy Land.” Jude.

These were just some of the imperative verbs the Barons of Year 3 used this week when summoning their knights on a crusade to the Holy land to fight the mighty Saracens.

They also used their recent learning of comparative and superlative adjectives, to add description, when they instructed their knight what to bring to aid them on their long and arduous journey.

“You must bring your sharpest sword, shiniest shield, deadliest dagger, your bravest squire and your strongest, fastest horse.” Elsie.

“You must wear your hardest armour, prepare your strongest horse, bring your sharpest sword, most deadly bow and arrow and your most bloodthirsty dagger.” Charlie.

In keeping with medieval times, the children designed an Illuminated letter to begin their summons. To further the authenticity of their document after neatly writing them out, they stained them with coffee and tore the edges. They looked fabulous and the children thoroughly enjoyed working on the presentation of them.

The children also created information posters about Knights. They first had to research facts using secondary sources, before thinking about the layout and presentation.

They also worked on their presentation skills before presenting them in teams down at Great Missenden Hall as part of our Drama lesson.

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