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Year 3 virtual trip to Windsor Castle

Although Year 3 could not visit Windsor castle in person this year we were very fortunate to be able to visit virtually this week as part of our Castle Day. Our very knowledgeable guide, Martin, told us many fascinating facts about Windsor Castle and knights in medieval times, showing us the weapons the knights used and what they wore to protect themselves when under attack. He was very impressed with the knowledge the children already had. All the children had the opportunity to be ‘knighted’ in a virtual knighting ceremony before taking part in a Question and Answer session.

All the children thoroughly enjoyed their ‘time’ at the castle. Some of the children dressed as knights and spent the afternoon creating their own medieval swords.

Phoebe - I enjoyed when Martin talked about the swords, shields and the mace that was found in the River Thames.

Luca - I liked when he demonstrated testing the weapons on the armour.

An important part of being a knight was being chivalrous and they were expected to follow rules known as a Chivalrous Code. As part of their learning,the children explored a medieval Chivalrous Code before creating their own for the playground.

Here are some of the ‘rules’ or ‘codes’ they made :

Kai - When someone looks lonely thou shalt play with them.

Oscar - If someone is hungry take them to the fruit place.

Libby - Smile and make someone’s day a little better.

A fascinating and insightful day in the life of a medieval knight although most of the children were in agreement that they would not have wished to have trained to be a knight !

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