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Year 4 act as Viking estate agents!

This week, year 4 have been finding out what home life was like for the Vikings. We discovered that they made clever use of the natural materials available to them for building houses in different ways. Depending on the surrounding landscape, they may have used stone, wood, earth or wattle and daub. We also found out that their homes usually had just one large room, which was often shared with animals during the cold winter months! Inside the home, the hearth was very important, since this was the main source of heat and light, as well as the cooking facility! Once we had gathered lots of information, we put our persuasive skills to the test, to try and sell the ideal Viking home. First, we acted in role as a Viking estate agent and talked a potential buyer through the fantastic features of the house. Then we wrote our own adverts using plenty of positive and emotive language.

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