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Year 4 - creating classification keys

In Science, Year 4 have created their own classification keys to classify different rainforest creatures.

We began with considering their purpose and significance when it comes to classifying different animals. After using and familiarising ourselves with the keys, we considered the classification process, which included considering the key characteristics of the chosen creatures.

This activity stimulated lots of discussion about how the children’s chosen rainforest creatures could be distinguished in order to create a classification key. It allowed the children to draw on and use a range of knowledge from previous lessons, such as what they had learned about vertebrate groups and their understanding of the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates. The children were able to think about and apply the scientific language they have learned too.

We have decided to link this activity to our Computing lessons, where we are in the process of creating our classification keys on the chromebooks. We have really enjoyed it!

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