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Year 4 envisage imaginary worlds

This week saw Year 4 firing up their imagination to create stories set in Imaginary places with imaginary characters. The children clearly have vivid imagination as we have seen talking houses, walking onions and unicorns amongst others .

Within these stories children were asked to include a range of language choices to reflect their learning this year. These included direct speech with the correct punctuation, adverbs of time, manner and place along with interesting adjectives,powerful verbs and figurative language. Their languages choices also reflected the mood of both the story and the characters.

As dusk fell, the little candyfloss calmed down and said “ Will you help me please?” Keya

One day, Eclipse was rummaging through the wooden shelves for a book. “ Come on,come on,” she cried desperately. Jess

“I thought you said that I get to do what I want in Devil town !” shouted Vampire Pig angrily. Stephanie

Every evening, they both went into the large enchanted library where they read every book they could. Once they had finished a book they fed it to the sky blue unicorn and another exciting book would appear. Charlotte K

We have also been practising our poems in readiness for the ESB examination in June. The children need to practise these regularly over the half term break so they know them ‘off by heart’ when they return to school.

Have a wonderful half term.
The Year 4 team

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