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Year 4 - Extraordinary experiments!

Our Natural Disasters topic has really come to life in Science recently, where Year 4 have created some natural phenomena. We made some lego houses for our mini tsunamis experiment to demonstrate how much of an impact water can have. We also designed and built lego houses that could withstand a flood. This was a successful exercise and our houses managed to remain dry when we flooded the tray. Our favourite lesson has to be when we made our own mini volcanic eruptions in the classroom!

This week, we have started to learn about dissolving. As a group, we started with experimenting with different substances to see if they dissolve in a cup of water. This included coffee granules, sugar, flour and rice. After we had done this, we decided to use filter paper to see whether we could separate the insoluble substances from the water. Now, we are really looking forward to next week, where we will experiment with Skittles!

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