Year 4 - Fun at the farm | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 4 - Fun at the farm

On Monday, Year 4 visited the farm and thankfully, it was not too wet! We made many cross-curricular links including links to Maths and our topic this term: ‘Vikings’.

We began the day with a minibeast hunt and we used our knowledge of classification keys to identify different creatures. The conditions were ideal for some minibeasts and we were fortunate to see lots of them, especially snails!

For our second activity, we used quadrants and our knowledge of coordinates to count the number of flowers in a specific area. This allowed us to apply our Maths learning.

Our third activity involved using our Design and Technology skills, where we created a Viking longship using a range of materials. This generated lots of discussion and it tested our resilience as we had to ensure that our longships could float!

As an extra activity, throughout the day, we recorded the temperature in preparation for our Maths lessons this week on data handling. We have learned about line graphs at school and used the data that was collected to create our own graphs. We discussed how these graphs represent continuous data and we considered factors that affected the temperature, such as the location of the thermometer.

We really enjoyed our day at the farm and we loved seeing the calves too!

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