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Year 4 - Have fun estimating and measuring weight

Year 4 had an exciting start to the week as we explored weight in Maths, where we estimated and measured the weight of different food items!

We began with a discussion around the concept of weight and the distinction between metric units and imperial units for recording it. We focused on the metric units of measurement, where grams and kilograms are used. Once we had established what ‘estimate’ meant too, which is a sensible guess based on existing knowledge, we decided as a class how we would reach the most accurate estimate. We held a weight in one hand and the food item in the other to compare the weight. From this, we estimated how much heavier or lighter the food item was and used this information to make a sensible estimate. After we had estimated the weight, we used weighing scales to determine its exact weight, which produced some surprising answers for some children!

This activity allowed us to demonstrate what we already know and it gave us plenty of opportunities to use a range of key mathematical vocabulary through discussion. The most important part was that we had a lot of fun doing it!

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