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Year 4 hone their coding skills

During this term, Year 4 have been honing their coding skills through the use of Discovery Education Coding. Having studied online tutorials, the children complete exercises to help develop their skills before progressing to designing and creating their own games. With a focus on playability, we have been discussing ideas for these games such as mazes, race or chase scenarios and aim/timing tests.

Eddie made 'Click the Chips' which tests hand eye coordination. The player is faced with cartons of chips zooming across the screen and they must try to click as many of them as they can in the time limit.

'Barney's Pacman' is similar to the arcade classic maze scenario but this version features a Bee and a Zombie who are controlled by two separate players. If the Zombie catches the Bee, the Zombie wins but if the Bee can evade the Zombie in the time limit, then the Bee wins.

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