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Year 4 - Investigating bone structures

Year 4 have been busy investigating the bone structure of our bodies. Can you see in the photo we have drawn around someone and are filling in as many bones as we know. We have been looking at the skeleton of a human (not a real one!) learning the names and functions of different bones. We learnt that bones can have three different functions: protection, giving us posture and helping us move. We created different parts of the skeleton from pasta shapes and plasticine. See if you can recognise any in the photos. We then compared our skeleton with that of a real toad. Watching some stickleback fish swimming on our tables we weren’t sure if they had a back bone because they were so flexible. Finally we went outside and collected some mini beasts. None of our mini beasts had bones, they either all had a hard shell or no support at all (like a slug). Did you know that an Octopus has no bones or shell either; that’s why it can squeeze into impossible places.

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