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Year 4 - Plan and conduct Skittles investigations

In our Science lessons, Year 4 have been learning about dissolving and, after a very exciting lesson involving dissolving Skittles, we thought of scientific questions that we would like to investigate further. Some of the questions that have been investigated are:

  • Which sweets dissolve the quickest?
  • Which liquid will dissolve the Skittles the quickest?
  • Do Skittles dissolve quicker in warm or cold water?

When we had chosen our scientific question, we planned which equipment we would need and predicted what we thought would happen. We considered which variables needed to change and which variables needed to stay the same. From this, we decided how to make it a fair test and what to record. We thoroughly enjoyed conducting the investigations. It was great fun using the Skittles and seeing the results!

Now, we will move onto our new Science topic for this half term, which is ‘Moving and Growing’.

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