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Year 4 pretend to be 'The Geezers'

We have had a very successful first week back in school and we are beginning to settle down into the new routines. Some things are quite different this term and drama is one of them. We are staying in class groups at school until we are able to use Great Missenden Hall again. That didn’t stop us from having fun in 4KD trying to create our own focus games based on an episode of Drama Geezers. After watching the video, we worked in pairs and pretended to be “The Geezers”, inventing our own focus activity. We then went outside to try them out on the rest of the class. We needed to concentrate really hard and maintain focus at all times to complete the challenges set. By the end of the session we were exhausted and our brains were well and truly jumbled! Drama Geezers Focus will allow you to play the game at home with the family.

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