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Year 4 sketch and study their skeletons

Last week, we enjoyed working in groups to draw what we thought the human skeleton looked like. However, the results were rather amusing as the poor skeletons looked somewhat mismatched and seemed to be missing many of the major bones! Since then, our knowledge has greatly improved and we are now able to explain where many different bones are found, giving their scientific names.

“I found out that there are many bones in the hand including the carpals, metacarpals and phalanges.” Danica

“There are two bones in your lower leg, called the tibia and fibula. The femur in the upper leg is the longest bone in your body.” Charlotte

“The scientific name for the collar bone is the clavicle.” Chloe

“Did you know the patella is the scientific name for your kneecap?” Cody

“The scapula is your shoulder blade.” Harry

“The skeleton gives us protection. For example, the rib cage protects the heart and lungs.” Caspar

Next, we will study different types of skeletons and discover that not all animals have an endoskeleton like us (a skeleton on the inside of their body). Many creatures have an exoskeleton, which supports and protects their bodies from the outside. We will then be investigating the pros and cons of different types of skeleton. As some of our year group have unfortunately discovered, endoskeletons do take a long time to heal if damaged!

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