Year 4 - Super Science | Independent Primary School Buckinghamshire

Year 4 - Super Science

So much Science investigation work and so little time. Year 4 have had a very busy 2 weeks completing lots of in-class investigations. It started last week with the biscuit dunking investigation when we tested how long different biscuits lasted in a glass of water before they fell to the bottom. Our predictions were often wrong because we expected the double ones to last the longest. To our amazement, on one table, a rich tea lasted nearly 7 minutes.

This week we considered how some solids like sugar and coffee dissolve in water because they are soluble and others like sand and flour don’t because they are insoluble. We used filter paper to demonstrate which were insoluble. We also monitored what happened to skittles when placed on a plate with water. The colour from each skittle spread across the plate. We are so excited about this experiment that we thought of some changes we can make to it when we do it next week. One suggestion was to use diet coke as the liquid. Watch this space for the results!

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