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Year 5 study the wonders of Ancient Egypt

In History, Year 5 have been studying Ancient Egypt and so far have found out why the Nile was so important to Egyptians and have investigated a timeline of Egyptian history.

Over the last two weeks the children have been collaborating on some research into everyday life in Ancient Egypt. The children have explored a topic that interested them and worked collaboratively to produce a powerpoint to present their findings. There were various topics that the children chose to research: Egyptian clothes, Jewellery and Make-up, Schools, Medicine, Food and Drink and Egyptian Homes.

We really enjoyed listening to some detailed presentations and learnt lots of new facts about the Egyptians:

Ella and Daisy, “Everyone in Ancient Egypt wore makeup even the men and boys and you had to wear makeup if you had an important job like a priest.”

Joe and Henry, “The Ancient Egyptians liked to eat sweets, for instance, honey balls and date balls and their favourite drink was beer.”

Harry and Isaac, “Egyptians often lived with cats in their homes to eat rats.”

Saskia and Zalie,”Classrooms were set up very similar to today and there were inscriptions on the walls about the rules for behaving properly in class.”

Max and Darcey, “Boys started school at 5 and left at 12 and they learnt to read hieroglyphics.”

Kianna, Lottie and Tess,“We still play some games today that Ancient Egyptian played such as leapfrog and tug of war.”

We all learnt that we would not like to be treated by an Egyptian doctor!

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