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Year 5 - All about angles

This week in Maths, Year 5 have been studying angles. We started the week by looking at the different types of angles we knew:acute, obtuse, reflex, right angles, angles on a straight line and angles in quarter, half and full turns. The children really impressed us with their prior knowledge and could describe the properties of each angle and identify them correctly.

We then went on to learn to measure angles for the first time using a protractor. The children already knew that angles were measured in degrees but had never used a protractor to measure them before.

We started by watching a silent demonstration of how to use a protractor which the children had to watch very carefully to write their own list of steps to be successful. Then we had a go! The children really enjoyed playing Angle Connect 4 with their partner. They had to choose a card, measure the angle accurately and place it on a game board according to criteria such as: an acute angle, an angle between 50 and 100 degrees or an angle bigger than 90 degrees. The aim was to be the first to place 4 correctly measured angles in a line on the board.

We are looking forward to finding out more about angles on a straight line and around a point next week.

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