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Year 5 Art and DT

Year 5 Art

Developing the children’s understanding of colour theory has been on the agenda this week in Year 5 Art lessons. They are learning how to mix secondary and tertiary colours, how colours can be described as ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ and how complementary colours can be used next to each other to enhance their vibrancy. This is all a good grounding to help them appreciate the stunning works of art from the Fauve period (1905 - 1910). They will be looking at portraits and landscapes from this period and be introduced to Henri Matisse’s paper cuts.

Year 5 DT

Year 5 have been learning about the history of straw plaiting and how Buckinghamshire is particularly famous for this cottage industry. The Children have begun to learn the art of plaiting with 3 and 5 straws this week, they will then develop their skills, so they can become expert plaiters and plait with 7 and 9 straws next week. Year 5 were really surprised to learn that children as young as 4 years old were employed in the hat industry as straw plaiters. They went to plaiting school, learnt to read and write, and were paid a very small wage each week.

To further your child’s learning, you could visit Tring’s Local History Museum, where you can find out even more about the history and life of a straw plaiter.

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