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Year 5 enjoy an inspirational day in Oxford

A day in Oxford inspired Year 5 this week, when they visited the Ashmolean Museum and went on a ‘Wonder Walk’ around the city.

Handling Ancient Egyptian artefacts, which had been fashioned over three thousand years ago, was a fascinating experience. The children were invited to use their detective skills to work out what the items were. Year 5 loved interpreting the hieroglyhics on the wooden stand, wondered why the axehead might have been decorated, and spent some time considering a bronze mirror. Suggestions for that item ranged from a place mat or a pizza cutter to an artist’s palette!

The biggest excitement came from looking at the mummies. Year 5 were interested to see the range of different mummies, including those of cats and crocodiles. No mummified bananas though…

After lunch, the classes enjoyed a sunny afternoon being guided around Oxford by a Story Museum guide. They were shown the hidden parts of the city which had inspired authors such as C S Lewis, Tolkein, Philip Pullman and Lewis Carroll. Year 5 impressed our guide with their knowledge of these authors; they were quick to spot how a door decoration might have inspired C S Lewis to create Mr Tumnus, and to see Tweedledum and Tweedledee amongst Oxford’s gargoyles.

Hopefully Year 5 will have been similarly inspired to take ideas from the world around them in order to create their own stories.

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