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Year 5 explore the properties of 2 and 3 dimensional shape

Year 5 have been exploring the properties of 2 and 3-dimensional shape this week. They have discovered that a polygon does not have any circular sides and that in describing a shape you would look at equal sides and angles, lines of symmetry, parallel lines and rotational symmetry. They have used a range of vocabulary which has been reinforced constantly.

Much discussion and debate has centred on whether a square is in fact a rectangle and what a rectangle and parallelogram might have in common! Also is it ‘Always, Sometimes or Never True’ that a triangle is a regular polygon?

In working on 3D shapes, the children thoroughly enjoyed using Polydron for construction and waited in awe to discover the shapes they had made! They derived Euler’s theorem, linking the number of faces with edges and faces and worked logically to reveal the nets of the shapes once they were opened up. They showed great determination and resilience in making links and generalisations, such wonderful traits that give Gateway children the confidence to approach challenging concepts!

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