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Year 5 - Expressing themselves and sharing ideas

This term, Year 5 have been discovering that, although online learning brings challenges, it has also brought lots of new ways in which to express themselves. Online, they give answers and opinions verbally, and in typed form - in chat boxes, google documents, slides, on padlets and on spreadsheets. They write and draw using Jamboard or Kami. They have discussed, debated and acted together using online breakout rooms.

This week, they trialled some new ways to share their views with us and with each other. Using SpeakPipe they recorded themselves ‘being’ a character from our class book overboard and struggling in the sea (some with sound effects added using a bucket of water!). In Maths, they have been using Flipgrid to demonstrate their understanding of fractions - making videos of themselves explaining different ideas.

Sometimes the old-fashioned ways are good too, and give us a break from our screens. Year 5 were challenged to create the island setting of our class novel (carefully annotated and labelled with quotations from the book). We loved all the different ideas - we had versions made from lego, minecraft, pen and paper, watercolours, recycling materials, cake, google drawings, cushions and rugs - even a huge one made from the sports equipment in the playground by the children in school.

Whether using cushions, crayons or new technology, Year 5 have shown themselves to be hugely enthusiastic and creative in expressing themselves and sharing their ideas. Great skills for the future!

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