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Year 5 focus on positive messages

Seniors’ assembly last week focused on positive messages of looking ahead to a ‘new normal’ and learning lessons from the past. 5HS were inspired to each contribute to their own version of the poem:

‘May We Never Take For Granted’

Saying ‘Good morning’ and shaking Mrs La Farge’s hand

Being with friends

Seeing my friends at school and playing

My loving home and family

The food I am being given

Going to school and seeing my teachers

Listening to Mrs La Farge assemblies

Going to school

Being in the classroom

Waiting to be picked up from care in school

Just holding hands

Having close up conversations

Playing football with my friends

My father’s hard work to keep us safe

The health of my family

Going on a very long drive to see family members

Seeing family pets

An overcrowded snack bar

Visiting my family in America

Standing in a long restaurant long

Going to the swimming pool

Having play dates and shooting Nerf guns

Playing cricket at my club and having ice cream afterwards

Going on holiday and to parks

Going to Nandos, KFC and McDonalds

Having a birthday celebration

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