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Year 5 - Frohe Weihnachten

We were so very proud of the contribution of our Year 5 children at the Christmas Fayre this year. It was wonderful to watch them get organised for their stalls and take responsibility for ushering in the crowds! They worked well collaboratively and responded particularly well to their youngest visitors.

As the term draws to a close, they are to be commended for their hard work and resilience. They have coped well with a range of challenges, from organising their belongings, to moving responsibly around the school, to giving their best in lessons. They now deserve a well-earned rest!

In English, Year 5 have been busy completing the finishing touches to their persuasive leaflets advertising the Sawubona game reserve and what fantastic leaflets they have produced! We are now ending the term with lots of festive fun by writing our own playscripts inspired by Buddy from the movie Elf.

In Maths, the theme of multiplication has built on mental strategies, as well as written methods. Children are encouraged to look at the numbers they are using and to seek efficient methods of calculation. The children have also practised the important skill of long multiplication and applied it to calculations with money, thinking carefully about the decimal point.

Representations of long multiplication using area have helped to expose mathematical structure. The intention is to support pupils in ‘seeing’ the mathematics, rather than using the method as a tool to ‘do’ the mathematics. It is wonderful to see them use these mental images, the grid method in particular, so they can achieve a deeper understanding of the links that exist within the subject.

Frohe Weihnachten! Year 5 children are approaching the end of a fruitful German ‘taster-term’. Lots of lively songs and other practice have enabled them to use German to talk a little about themselves, their family members, the weather and dates. They have also started using higher numbers for German prices in preparation of a shopping role-play. The children can’t wait to showcase their knowledge of German, as well as that of other languages they have learned in previous years, at their Carol Concert next week!

In Design & Technology, Year 5 have been using bench hooks and junior hacksaws to practise their woodworking skills. The children have greatly enjoyed using these new skills to design and make land yachts. This culminated in outdoor races, with the aid of Mr Phil and his leaf blower to generate sufficient windpower!

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