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Year 5 have fun in Ironbridge

We’ve had a really enjoyable and informative trip to Ironbridge this week. The children have all behaved very well and have been a credit to the School and their parents. They even enjoyed the strict discipline of the Victorian School - dressed up to look the part as well.

“At Blists Hill, we dressed up in Victorian clothes and then went to the School. To see how left handed children felt, we had to practise writing our names with our left hands, because in Victorian times you always had to write right handed and if you didn’t then you would get the cane!

We then went to ‘Squattters Cottage’. It was called that because a family built it on land they didn’t own. Eventually they paid off their debt and the land was theirs. They had seven children, three girls and four boys, but the youngest daughter died as a child.

Then we walked to the bank to convert our money into Victorian coins then onto grocery shops, the sweet shop and many more!

We had a fabulous time!”

Isla M

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