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Year 5 have fun investigating the speed at which toy cars travel

In Science this week, Year 5 have written an investigation report about whether modified toy cars travel faster down a ramp compared to an unmodified control sample. Lightweight and heavyweight versions were pitted against an example with an enlarged spoiler and one with oil applied to the axles. Later in the year, the students will learn more about friction and the effects of gravity but it was very interesting to hear their initial thoughts at this stage!

I predict that the heavyweight car will be faster because the extra weight will push down the car making it more stable - Darcey

I think the standard car will be the fastest because the light car has got too little friction but the heavy car has got too much friction - Daniel

We predict the car with the oiled axles should go fastest because the oil will reduce friction on the axles and allow the wheels to spin faster - Joe and Ella

I predict the car with the added spoiler will be fastest because it has more downforce so it might not bump on the sides of the track as much - Harry

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