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Year 5 learn about the world of advertising

Year 5 are learning about the world of advertising and how to write persuasively. We have looked at the importance of ‘hooking’ the public in and the visual and written components of an effective advert. This week, we are identifying the key features of persuasive writing and deciding what makes a good advertisement. We will discuss celebrity endorsement and how to make a product attractive and seem crucial to a better life!

The children are going to design their own products that can go in a box. They will then brand and package their item; producing a colourful poster and a pitch for a large company.

This is a fun unit of work which hopefully will spark some interest in the world around them and also perhaps a future career! We are lucky enough to have a parent coming in to talk to the pupils about his career in this sector. Perhaps you might like to chat with your child about any advertisements you may have in magazines and especially about the product they are imagining for this project. We will display them all in the classroom by the end of this half term.

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